New Blog coming soon…

März 27th, 2007

Because this f**king blog isn´t in english anyway, i´ll buildt up a new blog in the enxt weeks… i take over the messages, posted in the last months, and the pictures, too. the following blog will be in english only, with a easier solution to write and set pictures online…

Well, of course your email adresses i´ve generate won´t be actual in the next blog… but also therefor i´ll find a solution…

Februar 23rd, 2007

Hey Elitza, i´ve post your message, as you can see; i hope, that it´ll be ok… greets – admin

Hello from Sofia

Februar 23rd, 2007

Hello to all the participants in our common project. My name is Elitza. I am 22 years old and I will take part in this project. I can’t wait to see you all. If you have any questions, please, ask me. :)))

Something to do in meantime…

Februar 13th, 2007


I hope you all are okay right now.

At the moment we wait for the „lets go“ from „Jugend für Europa“. We will get this hopefully till the middle of april.

But there is enough to do.In order to plan the diving education we need the size (feed and body) from every member of your crew.Another necessary thing is to let a medic check diving fitness of your crew member. We need a document from the medic who made the check up from every person.
You should also be informed about the fact that there may be is a cost sharing for every participant of 80-100€ for the two weeks baltic sea camp.
It would be also quiet nice to get a photo from your crew for the homepage.Raycho all ready sent us a photo.

Please answer at least to show that you read this.If you click on „Keine Kommentare“ or „Kommentare“, you have the possibility to answer.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Yours Phil.

Using the blog right now…

Januar 29th, 2007

Hopefully everybody will manage it to use this medium in order to communicate about our great project in summer.

I even promised news.

The documents were send to „Youthforeurope“ on Friday the 26 January.

Lets see whether it works or not…

Regards Phil

Hej Rachjo

November 26th, 2006

Hello from Sofia,

         At last I managed to join the forum. I am Raycho Raychev – the leading diver for the Bulgarian group :)) I think this will be my first message to you all. Greeting from Sofia. If you would like to ask me something – please do so… 🙂 Best wishes to you Phil and to all the young and enthusiastic divers here. I cannot wait to begin the practical work. Best wishes to you from Sofia.

Your friend, Raycho 

the first…

November 26th, 2006

… is mostly not the best.


November 11th, 2006

About the blog-principe:

the blog is a communication-platform for all people, which are conected to the Diving4Europe – Project (Organisation and Participants). To register, you have to send a mail to the Admin with a name and a temporary password. The Admin will register you as fast as possible and you will get a confirmation-mail.

Commenteries of the Admin are in german and in english language. He pleased you to write your commenteries also in english (and of course if you aren´t speaking german, than in your usual language too), cause of, that all users will have to participate in the blog…

Thanks a lot and a happy blogging…